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New World Order Watch # 2

You see it've been told all the ridiculous rumors of New World Order this and Illuminati that!  You roll your eyes in disgust and say, "Here he/she goes again!"  But do you really know what goes on in the world around you? Have you studied the connections possibly between the New World Order and the biblical perspective?  You dismiss it but have you actually looked into it?  Will you be caught sleeping during your slaughter because you thought you were smart enough to know if something like this was actually real? 

Well It's been awhile folks.  I'm on winter break right now from school so I can do some updates to the site.  Expect to see new articles in the coming weeks as we gear up again (till school kicks my a-- again). As previously mentioned with these series of articles we only seek to show you the symbolism and let you decide if It's real, coincidental or complete bulls--t! With that said.....


We start out with this rather odd Iphone and Ipad ap called 'Mind of Man'.  When I frist seen it in Apple's Ap store, I said, 'Oh boy, here we go again!' I downloaded it and I was actually scared to use it feeling like someone may be watching me or monitoring me if I use it. Don't laugh.  You sign on with your Twitter account and the 'Mother' basically compiles all of your tweets and tells you basically who you are as mother knows everything. They play this ap as a game but there is Illuminati symbolism all through this ap. It's creators either know a little something or they are making light of the whole Illuminati Conspiracy.  Either way, the ap is pretty creepy.  Here is what the ap said about me after compiling my data.

As you can see it says I have too many emotions as I often speak from the gut or heart on Twitter about government, conspiracies e.t.c.  It also called me pathetic which I wanted to slap the s--t out of 'mother' for.  Lastly it called me a rebel and to expect a knock at my door soon which was kinda creepy considering all of my anti-illuminati comments all the time. Notice the eye at the bottom of the page as well.

    Here are a couple other things that go on in the ap, all with the symbolism of course.  In this one, 'Mom is watching' with a bunch of eyes on the page.

Another, a power up with guess what? A triangle of course!!  Not just any triangle mind you.  The triangle with the capstone separated at the top!  Notice it also says 'high' at the top while you and me are at the bottom.  Just as the elites like it.

  Here's the part of the game where you can either earn the right to have horns or a halo.  Thankfully I received a halo which by the quote in the pic, it doesn't seem too happy about that.
...or you can get the horns which it seems much more positive about as it says, "Better to reign in hell rather than serve in heaven!" Yeah what a great message to teach.

In these pics below you see you can search anyones Twitter handle which you can also share with them.  Heres what the ap thinks about Lady GaGa and Rhianna.

Lol..not funny, but did this game really just call Rhianna a victem?  Wow!  It also calls Chris Brown an abuser if you look him up although it will say different things at different times.

Here, fittingly, it calls Lady Ga Ga an Illuminati slave. Sounds about right to me.

Mind of Man is available at the Itunes store for .99 cents.  It's accurate more often than not as I tried several of my friends Twitter handles and it described them to a T.  The eeriness of it may not make it  for you although I found it brief but creepy fun.  

2. The Tudors

I recentlly had the pleasure of watching Showtimes cancelled series on Netflix.  Excellent series, you should definitely check it out. Anyway, I briefly noticed this in one of the episodes.

....usual All Seeing Eye in the sky while little devils are running around... praise to a demon of sorts

 ...and whataya know!!  The Devil himself appears!!  So shocking!!!  I woulda never assumed an all seeing eye in the sky would have a Devil in the same scene!


As regular readers of this site know, I have reported occasions where DC Comics incorporates illuminati symbolism in It's comics.  There have been others since the last post but here in a recent issue of Batman Incorporated is a man with a Baphomet shirt and a pentagram.  They say comics are for kids but I dunno...

..while on the subject of Batman, here in the recent Batman Dark Knight movie, the movie actually shows 'Sandy Hook' in the movie before the shooting takes place!  Coincidence, or a choice of reference for the shooter?

4.  Wiz Khalifah

Some of you have probably already seen these pics but they are new to me so I thought I'd show you pics of Wiz doing the funny eye thing and the gestures with his hand. I'll let you be the judge.

....heres a little of Beyonce doing the hand gesture too.  Maybe the gestures mean, "Were famous b---h!"  It's probably their way of rubbing it in or something.'s Beyonce with a rather ominous cover for a new single being released.

 5. Eminem

In the documentary, 'The Art of Rap!' that I watched the other day, I just had to take a snapshot of Eminem's unique choice of jewelry that the cameraman made a point of doing a couple close up's of. You know, for that special effects-effect.  

Here's a chick from the group Fifth Harmony on X Factor pleading her allegiance to the Illuminati or trying to get their attention? They are in the top 3 last time I checked so who knows...'s Lupe Fiasco doing the very same gesture in his 'Bitch Bad' video too.  Now in no way am I implying that Lupe is a part of it as he's my rap hero and I hope like hell that isn't the case.  Maybe he was just feeling the moment in the video and that coincidentally happened.  He is friends with those Jay Z and Kanye West guys....

...and here's Lupe doing that hand thingy like Wiz Khalifa and Beyonce in the pics above while he's with the satanic leaning Tyler the Creator of Odd Future.  I'm certain just another coincidence as Lupe has sarcastically defended with his 'If I was Illuminati Tweets.....' on 'The View' is Jason Mraz who seems to have a obsession with  Triangles. Triangle shirt...check

 Triangle close up inside the strings of his guitar..check

...and a variation of the supposed Helen Keller 'love' sign that Wiz, Beyonce and Lupe did. Many suggest Helen wasn't a part of 'love' at all but actually a satanist but that's another story. Seeing a pattern of coincidences here? Ted Turner and Piers Morgan discuss the New World Order on the "Piers Morgan Show'.  Notice how he says basically that the United Nations should be the world policemen and not our own troops.  If that's not New World Order and global governance then I don't know what is.


I'll just let you look at the five pics and you decide.  Having said this, The Game is a known for being an idiot, so he could just be doing this for attention.  Rumor has it he's suppossed to join the Cash Money label after his current contract ends and we all know how Baby, Weezy, Drizzy  and Minaj get down over there.'s Game doing the 666 eye signage while wearing a shirt with the All Seeing Eye on it.

..mockery of Jesus?!? Blasphemy!!  And with lyrics on his newest cd such as...

I'mma mail it here, I'mma mail it theredoin' all this sippin' Belvedere



At the after party thinking what the afterlife's like
He paid for my sins, is it really priced right?

Fuck it, I see the light, raw Stacy delight
Can't deny my Jesus piece that’s so Peter-like


Hop in my holy ghost, hallelujah
Damn, damn, damn, damn
Hop in my holy ghost, hallelujah
Damn, damn, damn, damn
Heaven’s prays, all I’m tryna do, praise him, praise im
Heaven’s prays, all I’m wanna do, praise him, my lord giving credit where credit is due, he does praise God as well but with these mixed religious signals and terrible lyrics, where exactly does Game really stand or is he simply an attention seeker?  You be the judge! Listening to the lyrics of a lot of these artists, it seems like a lot of them are bitter towards God's grace as I guess things haven't gone right in their eyes?  As if dissing and making mockery's and making devil signs are gonna make your outcome with him better?  So let me get this ride or die with the devil because he pays better? Further as suggested, many of these artists they say are atheists.   So, you can drown in the excessiveness of devilish things yet condemn Godly things, yet your atheist? Many of them also publicly praise the Lord but their actions and words speak an entirely different language. 

I'm sure all of you seen this logo before and I've seen it in commercials as well, but my 401K with my job has switched to this place with this ridiculous logo.  Guess I'll never see any money I save up for the future now.


Here is recent magazine covers of XXL Magazine (the same magazine that ironically interviewed the same Rebecca Scott we interviewed about the Illuminati influence in hip hop.  See interview we did with her here).  Here are Chris Brown and  Big Sean doing the funny eye stuff on their respective covers.

10. Kesha (Die Young) video.

Saving the unfortunate best for last.  I'm sure you all heard that Kesha has faced serious backlash for this song after the recent shootings.  Why no one is just as upset about the many triangles, all seeing eye ring, skull and bones, inverted crosses, orgies and lesbianism (all things the Illuminati loves), is beyond me in this video. All the while having the masses prepare themselves by dumbly singing along to chants of ,"Were gonna die young!" If they only knew.... Here's the video for your disgusting viewing pleasure.

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